Denver 2006

This year's Worldcon was Denvention 3, held in Denver, Colorado from August 6 - August 10. There were some parts that could have been better, but for me, other things contributed to making it a very good convention.

Since I drove out to Denver, I decided to stay out west for a while and see some of the sights, as well as add a few more states to my visited list. My original plan was to head up to Montana for the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Memorial, next to North Dakota and see the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, then drop down to South Dakota for some time the Badlands and the Wind Cave National Parks.

I discovered that when I am Making It Up As I Go, and do not have a firm deadline, I tend to want to keep going.I was driving through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, with plenty of new things to see just over the next hill. Or mountain. Or the occasional valley. It was a choice between seeing a few things very well, or many things for just a little while. Too long at home, enjoying driving, along with a desire to see as much as possible kept me moving right along. Not the best way to really learn about a particular place or people, but for me it worked on this trip.

When all was said and done, at the end of the trip there were some places I wish I had stayed a little longer, and I ended up missing one place (Glacier National Park) that I really wanted to see. But as you can see from the map of my trip, I did see plenty of other places.

That is it for my trip. I have many more picture, some duplicates of what is posted here, with slightly different settings. Others of different things that I didn't feel worked, some just bad pictures. The one thing that is true about digital is you can take a lot of pictures very quickly. That is good since you can try many times to get a good shot, but it also meanst you end up with a lot of pictures to go through trying to find the best.

It was a very good trip for me. I met some good people, a couple of which I hope to be good friends with. I saw beautiful scenery, covering everything from desert to forest to lava fields. I spent far too much money on the trip, but I would do it again. The chance to see things that most people never have the chance to made it all worthwhile.

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