Traveling Down Under

I went to Australia in 1999 and spent 3 oo short weeks seeing a small part of the continent. I have decided to put a very few of the pictures I took and some of my thoughts on the trip here on line. The photos are amateur and the opinions are my own, so they may not be to everyone's taste. My feelings about the entire trip can probably be deduced by the fact that I am already saving for another trip in a few years.

One of the things I did to prepare for the trip was get the Frommer's 99 Australia book. Unless you know someone there that will act as a guide, I would recommend getting some kind of guidebook. It can give you some idea of things that are there to do and see that you may never think of or run across. The Frommer's was not perfect but it made a good starting point.

I left Ft. Wayne International Airport via American Eagle at a little after 3:00 pm on the 21st of August. After a couple of hours layover in Chicago, I headed for LAX on American Airlines. I spent the flight and the layover in LA having a very nice conversation with my seatmate. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her since, despite giving her my email address. But it was still a very good start to my vacation.

The trip from LA to Sydney on Quantas was not quite as nice. I did not get the aisle seat I had requested and spent the 14+ hour flight rather cramped. Most of it was spent dozing, but not very comfortably.

Warning, all of the pictures on the following pages are thumbnailed, so loading the main pages should not take too much time. But some of the full size pictures are larger than others and may take a little longer to download. I kept the jpeg compression to 15% in order to help the image quality.

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