Going to the Millennium Philcon


In late August, 2001, I went to the Millennium Philcon, the World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia, PA. I left a few days early and traveled from Northwest Ohio to Eastern Pennsylvania by way of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, with a quick trip through Rhode Island on the way back south. This was not my first trip through New England, but I got to see more there this time through. I visited a couple of friends and saw a few sights along the way.

This was the first trip that I used my digital camera. It is a Nikon Coolpix 990, with two SanDisk 128MB CompactFlash cards. I also used a 28mm polarizer and UV protector filter at certain times. Some of the pictures are not as nice as I would like, but practice makes perfect. I have done some post processing in Paint Shop Pro 7, including cropping and adjusting colors. I have included the information the camera recorded for the original pictures in a text file for anyone interested in it.

I started the trip on Friday, August 24th and drove through most of Pennsylvania. Saturday, I finished driving to Massachusetts and visited with friends. Sunday, I started taking pictures.

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