Wandering Cambridge

My first day in the UK, I was not really certain where I was going, except for a vague notion to head toward Cambridge and see what happened. This caused a small problem with customs, as the woman checking me through didn't like the fact I didn't have an address to give her and she didn't feel that many tourists went to Anglia. Maybe I should have said Newmarket for the horses or Cambridge for the university. But she did let me through, then it was off to see how this driving on the left thing worked out.

The driving was actually quite easy, except for a slight tendency to drift left in an attempt to get the line on my right hand side out to its proper distance. Starting off on the motorway probably helped, since what lane I was in was not quite as important as when I was on a 2 lane.

Things got a bit more tricky when I got off the motorway, especially when I saw the way people were parking. There are places it is illegal to park here, but not very many of them, and those only because someone else will want to drive through those spots. But that is true of the places it is legal to park. I found streets that were supposedly 2 lanes, with parking on both sides. The problem being, the road did not have space on the sides for the cars to park. This resulted in one lane, right down the middle, with 2 lanes of traffic needing to fit through.

But I survived, and managed to find a place to park in Cambridge. I then wandered around the city, taking a few pictures, without really looking for anything. I also didn't look for the Tourist Information center, which resulted in me staying in a motel off the motorway for my first night. I blame this on only having 3 hours sleep on the plane on the way over. Otherwise I am certain I would have been much more active in my exploration of Cambridge and environs. I might have even tried punting.

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  • Walk around Cambridge - Many things to see and do, and it is free.

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